We facilitate travel of the patients who require treatment in Indian hospitals by sending medical reports and X-rays and presented by specialist doctors for examine and evaluate the condition and speculate patient’s the cost, then sending all this information to the patient after the consent to travel is complete.

  • Helping clients to find the best hospitals and specialist and renowned doctors in various fields of medicine such as: (Respiratory Diseases – Plastic Surgery – Cancer – Eye Specialists – Diabetes – Cosmetology – Hair transplant – Heart Disease – Bone Cultivation – Cerebrovascular Diseases – Pediatrists – Organs Transplant – Gynecology – Dermatology – Kidney Disease – Orthopedics  and General Surgeries )
  • Contracts with the Topmost Hospitals in India.
  • Provide Translators in the Hospitals.
  • Arranging and Providing Affordable Housing.
  • Arranging SIM cards.
  • Pick up and Drop from and to the Airport.